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What Are the Benefits of Prosthodontics

What Are the Benefits of Prosthodontics

Posted by Century Dental Associates Feb 03, 2023

Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on the restoration and replacement of teeth. In addition to saving teeth, our New York dentist performs procedures that help create beautiful smiles. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved Appearance

Our custom restorations made from high-quality materials look and feel natural, so you’ll feel confident sharing your smile with the world again.

Our dentist in New York, NY, is a specialist in the restoration and replacement of teeth. This extensive training equips with a comprehensive knowledge of the dynamics of a smile as well as its complex anatomy. This enables us to create beautiful, natural-looking results.

Easier Eating

Patients who are missing some or all of their teeth can find it difficult to chew, bite, and swallow food safely. However, our dentist in New York is uniquely qualified to address these issues using a variety of different tools and treatments. For example, your New York dentist may use crowns or bridges to replace missing teeth or install dental implants to provide support for dentures to restore partial or complete tooth loss with incredible accuracy. These options can help you eat a variety of foods without worrying that your teeth will slip out of place or cause damage to your gums.

Improved Speech

Patients with tooth loss often struggle with their speech, especially if they have missing teeth in the front of their mouth, where the teeth play the biggest role in forming sounds. Replacing missing teeth with prosthodontics can correct the cosmetic issues caused by missing teeth and improve patients’ ability to speak clearly.

Other common side effects of tooth loss include sagging facial features, premature wrinkles, and a sunken-in appearance. These issues can make patients look older than they are or give the appearance of being unhappy, angry, or depressed all the time. All of these side effects can affect mental health and happiness in addition to the way others perceive an individual. Replacing missing teeth can remedy these issues and help patients look and feel their best. 

Better Self-esteem

If your teeth are missing or misshapen, you may feel self-conscious about your smile. You may not feel comfortable laughing out loud or smiling for pictures with friends. With prosthodontic treatment from our dentist in New York, NY, you can have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted and deserve. You’ll feel a renewed sense of self-confidence that radiates through all parts of your life. In social situations, you may find yourself being more outgoing and free-spirited. You’ll also be more likely to share your smile with those around you. These improvements in your social life can translate into better relationships and more fulfilling friendships. When your smile looks healthy and attractive, others are more likely to respond positively as well. This positivity can provide you a positive reinforcement to continue making positive changes in your life. 

Preserved Natural Teeth

The maxillary sinus is a bony cavity that overlies the roots of the upper back teeth. When teeth are missing, the bone that formerly supported the roots will resorb or deteriorate over time. This resorption changes your facial profile by shrinking the overlying skin, thereby contributing to the appearance of premature aging. Additionally, as the sinuses become enlarged due to the loss of bone height, many patients experience chronic sinus pain. In order to prevent these undesirable consequences resulting from tooth loss, our dentist in New York may recommend the placement of dental implants to reestablish the lost roots of your teeth and halt the process of resorption. Dental implants are the only solution that replaces both the tooth root and tooth crown providing patients with long-term benefits and a confident smile.

To learn more about prosthodontics in New York, NY, visit Century Dental Associates at 18 East 41st Street, 1st floor, NewYork, N.Y 10017, or call (212) 587-3000. Our dentist is your best resource for a recommendation that will allow you to achieve a healthy smile! 

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